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4. Prints!

It has taken me longer than expected to finalise my ideas for print development. Partly due to the fact that I’m not an illustrator (see next blog post). Also because I’ve been playing around with several different placements and it’s my first time designing a print in repeat. I think I’m finally happy with the design but I’m waiting on the arrival of some samples to finalise the colours and the scale.

I wanted to keep the prints quite simple and a bit childish and I didn’t want to overload with details and colours. I started playing around with different sketches to get an idea of where to begin. I knew I wanted to include an illustration of a highland cow because of the connection with my inspiration. I also wanted some little sleepy sheep so I finally drew up a little illustration for the cow that was just what I wanted.

I have found that I often get better illustrations when I’m working on the computer. Maybe because there’s less pressure to get it right so I feel more relaxed about it. So after I had the general idea for the cow, I started working up the final drawing in Illustrator. I mimicked the general shape and size to create the sheep and voilà!

Next I had to decide what I would use to fill the empty spaces. At first, I thought about putting the cow and the sheep together in one print but I thought it looked too busy and crowded. I played around with different designs including heather, trees, and flowers but settled on using thistles with the cow (just to make it a wee bit more Scottish) and little stars with the sheep.

For the third print, I went back through all of the imagery that I have collected so far to see what I was missing. I noticed that I had gathered a lot of images of highland cottages and it seemed like the missing piece. I drew up some tiny cottages and paired them with some simple trees to create a cosy little scene.

My husband kindly pointed out to me that my cottages didn’t have doors so I made the appropriate adjustments.

This has been one of the most challenging bits simply because it’s all new to me. You’ll have to wait until the collection is released to see the final prints and colours but I hope this little teaser is enough to get you as excited as I am to see them come to life!


Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of this blog series: Silhouette

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