About Storybook

We are a baby wear brand specializing in handmade organic cotton, linen, and hemp clothing for your wee sprouts. Our stag logo represents our brand values: imagination, adventure, and nature.

We've chosen tagless! Our printed labels leave a flat finish so as not to irritate baby's soft sensitive skin.

Each garment is lovingly made to order in our studio based in Scotland.

Why Choose Organic?

It's simple! Organic cotton is kind. It is grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides, and other toxic chemicals that harm the earth and the people who produce it. Organic cotton fabric is not treated with any finishing chemicals, ensuring a safer product for your baby.

What about the linen?

Linen is naturally durable and requires little energy and water. The entire flax plant is used during production so there is no waste and the fabric is biodegradable.

And the hemp?

Hemp gives back! It uses very little water and energy and returns 60% of the nutrients back to the soil. It requires no pesticides or other chemical and grows very fast. Hemp fabric is also naturally hypo-allergenic.